Glaze is a food varnish (edible)

Spray of different capacities-the glaze or edible varnish is presented in an aerosol spray that will allow us apart from giving a special shine, a long durability, a great value for money. You can find it in a variety of brands, not just the one that appears in the image.

Small container of liquid Glaze

The Glaze or food varnish is ideal for additional protection, will seal any effect made with airbrush. This allows you to continue without running the work done.

Some layers of Clear Glaze can be applied, allowing each layer to dry completely before putting the next. This will give your leaves a spectacular shine!!!

It can also be used by inserting the leaves or petals to be lacquered in a container with diluted glaze if a low or undiluted brightness is desired for intense luster. It can also be applied using a soft bristle brush. Careful in this case with the brush marks. They can be undiluted with high-grade food alcohol (isopropyl alchool), vodka or similar.





To use it I usually dilute it. I usually lacquer both the petals and the leaves. But depending on the flower I’m doing I’m going to lacquer or not these petals. For example I do not usually lacquer rose petals or flowers that have velvety appearance. To lacquer petals I use a mixture of 75% alcohol with 25% glaze. To obtain an intermediate lacquer (for leaves) I use a mixture 50% alcohool 50% glaze. For very bright leaves I use the glaze without diluting.


You can find these edible lacquers in specialized confectionery shops, both physical and online. Also at Amazon (shipped worldwide).



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