Sugar Flowers category Cakes Masters Award

the six finalists for Sugar Flowers category of Cakes masters Award 2019

Today I can reveal the most amazing accomplishment in my career: I am nominated in Final for Sugar flowers Cakes Masters Awards 2019 ,the most important award of Cake Decorating Industry, held by #CakesMastersMagazine.

Lately my life went like a roller coaster.. Days when it went way down, felt like I can`t keep going further and suddenly went up, up, up… Today is one of those days, I feel I can touch the sky! Sugar Flowers are my life. When modeling flowers, I am alone in my own special world where all is happiness and colors..Still can´t believe that I am one of the finalists on Sugar Flowers category for the Cake Masters Awards!

After my family, Sugar flowers are what I love most therefore I do my best every day to model sugar flowers better than yesterday, trying to capture the beauty and perfection that Mother Nature created and, although I know I am still very far away from that perfection, I will never stop trying to reach it..
Never imagined I will live something like this so I feel so grateful for this nomination to the Cakes Masters Awards!
I work hard to give to my students, Catalinaanghelazúcar´arte Academy a variate and quality content and will keep working hard for doing it better.

Congratulations to all the finalists!

First of all I want to congratulate the other five finalists in Sugar Flowers category. Five super talented and special ladies, friendly and always supporting. We all are part of a beautiful sugar flowers artists community, so all good friends…

Margaret Ellis and me are running together with other two sweet ladies ( Shaile Socher and Siobhan Buckley) a nice group of sugar florists on Facebook, called “Sugarflowers and cakes in Bloom”, where I host a yearly collaboration for raising awareness for World cancer Day (every year on 4th February we reveal it).

Tara Gan is a sweet friend of mine and we lough a lot together..

Monika Kwasnievska is such a sweet and good friend, and we shared some great moments together, collaborating for a good cause this spring in Essen…

Ashwini Sarabhai and Elena Wilkinson are also members of our sugar flower group, as well as Tara and Monika…  It is such a special moment for all of us! No matter who will win this Cakes masters award for Sugar Flowers, we all win!


Now I want to thank each and everyone of you, my friends, for the love and support you give me every day and the messages of encouragement when I need most. And a special and big ‘thank you’ for the best hubby ever, the one without all this would never happened.

❤️Thank you Rosie Mazumder and the Cake Masters Magazine team for this opportunity, Still can’t believe it! ❤️
And congratulations to all the finalists of the #CakesMastersAwards! It is a pride and honor to be among all this talented and special people!

Thank you also to Javier Saez and #SweetKolor, Gwen Powell and #DragéeKiss, my sponsors, for your trust and support. ❤️

finalist Cake masters Award

finalist Sugar Flowers category on Cake Masters Award 2019

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