Catalina Anghel

I am Catalina Anghel, passionate about medicine, books and flowers, cake decorator and sugar craft artist specialized in sugar flowers.

I love the world of creative pastry since always, and for a few years now it has become my profession. I have started out of sheer curiosity and this passion has been transformed into need-as an addiction. Without my flowers I can’t live.

I love traveling, reading, painting, nature and especially flowers. My weakness is orchids-I have a whole collection! I love reading, history, languages (I speak six languages and I would love to learn a few more). Another of my passions is medicine-I hope to end one day the medicine career and profess.

I have a unique working method that I have developed over the last four years: free formed work, without using templates or special cutters for flowers. Sometimes I work even without nerving (veiners). I love decorating cakes-modeling shapes, carve, working with different textures.. But mostly I love to decorate with flowers-in arrangements, bouquets, or just single flowers…


I dedicate myself to teach sugar flowers all over the world: Spain, France, Hong Kong, Dubai, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Chile, Holland…and many more countries are already on my “been there” list

My work has been published in several prestigious specialty magazines: pasteles de Ensueño,  De Cake, UNSA Magazine, Cake Central Magazine, Cake Masters Magazine, American Cake Decorating Magazine, Sugar Magazine India…

I enjoy “flowering”-when I do lose track of time, oblivion of hunger and fatigue… I spend hours and hours in my studio working frantically in new flowers, improving and learning more every day.

I’m lucky to have a job that I love. Teaching is what I like best. I love to see the expression of joy on the faces of the students when making themselves delicate flowers with their own hands.

I hope that you will like my blog and my sweet sugar flowers world..

Welcome to my sweet universe




Merit Certifícate categoría C (arreglo floral)

CI Birmingham 2015

Medalla de bronce arreglo floral

CI Londres 2017

Medalla de Plata y 2º premio en arreglo floral en Expogato Marseilla 2016

Expogato Marseilla 2016

Medalla de bronce arreglo floral

CI Birmingham Noviembre 2017

Medalla de bronce en categoría B (estados de floración)

CI Birmingham 2016

EAGA Finalist MostInspring

Rising Star 2018 award Global Sugar Artists Network

Medalla de plata categoría C (arreglo Floral)

CI Birmingham 2016

Medalla de Bronce Growing Plant

Birmingham Noviembre 2017


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