Academy where you will learn to make all the sugar flowers with no need of cutters or templates

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Working the sugar flowers is not easy when we want to achieve a perfect result that is as realistic as possible:

Expensive cutters, veiners, wires from a bunch of calibers…

With the method developed and registered by Catalina Anghel make your sugar flowers without cutters or templates will be more fun, relaxing, simple and your sugar flowers will look real!

What will we work on in these courses?

⇢ we will learn how to make realistic and botanically correct sugar flowers with fine petals, almost transparent and perfect proportions.

⇢ How to use powders (powdered food dyes) to give color to our flowers in a natural way.

⇢ how to wire our petals, flowers and floral arrangements in a simple way.

⇢ will work without using expensive cutters and using minimal amounts of flower paste (gumpaste) and in half the time that is usually used to make sugar flowers in a traditional way.

What tools will we count on?

⇢ videos in which you will see in the first row how Catalina works the flowers so that you do not lose detail and everything is easy from beginning to end.

⇢ Exclusive Support Group for students on Facebook.


* Remember that the videos are not downloadable but you can see them as many times as you need.

Courses available at the Academy

Tea Rose
Cymbidium Orchid
Strawberries with flower and fruit



Christmas arrangement





Pom-pom dalia

White lilly

                                                                                            and many more


Only €15 per month!

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