Today I decided to talk to you about something that many may interest you:the secret for a safe travel with sugar flowers. How to pack them so that they do not break during long trips by train or by plane.

I think it is a very interesting topic and above all something that not many people are willing to share: the secret of a safe travel with sugar flower for long distance. But it is something I would have liked to find when I participated for the first time in a competition. But I didn’t find it, so based on trial and error I learned it myself. And today I will share with you my experience because I think it is very useful .

Travel by plane

You know that flying is something that involves certain rules about baggage. There are limits on size and weight. So we have to consider this.

I recommend traveling with the flowers as hand baggage take them up with us, to prevent them from breaking.And here it is the “why of this conclusion.Think about how they treat the suitcases that arrive in the creek of the plane: pulling, moving with force… All this would make the flowers break.

Traveling by train

Traveling by train is less complicated, as size limits disappear. But that’s not to say we don’t have to pack the flowers very well. We will have more freedom when it comes to using larger boxes and securing the flowers with the greatest amount of protection inside the box.
Materials needed

Now that we are clear as we are going to travel we will talk about how we will pack the sugar flowers and what we will need for this.

Here is a list of necessary materials:

A box of the appropriate size with side handles (depending on how we are going to travel) in case of travelling by plane the box will not have to exceed the maximum size of the hand-held suitcase allowed on board.
A cushion with synthetic padding (polyester fiber padding). This type of filling is light and aerated, so it will be very useful.
A ribbon of lasso with which we are going to tie the box.

How to pack

We’re going to cut that pillow and we’re going to put a thin layer of fiber covering the whole bottom of the box. We sit the flowers one at a and with enough space between them in the box. We fill the spaces with polyester fiber. The flowers should not be touched between them. If there are flowers like roses or others with many layers of petals afraid to fill before putting in boxes these spaces, so the petals are not going to break by vibrations or small blows, to collide between them.

If we have many flowers and we need to put several layers of flowers, fear we put the heaviest flowers on the bottom. Fill in well how I explained the spaces between the flowers and on the sides after which cover with a layer of filling. After completely covering the flowers of the first layer we can already place the next layer of flowers. Repeat filling the spaces between the petals with fiber and placing them in the box try to accommodate them in spaces between the flowers of the first layer (not exactly above the flowers placed above). In this way the weight of the second layer of flowers will not be perched on the flowers that we have placed first. Fill the spaces between the flowers and on the edges of the box, all around, so the flowers will not collide with the box and prevent them from breaking.

Finishing packing

Once we finish placing the flowers we cover them with filler fiber and put the cover to the box. We tie the box by inserting the loop through the handles and stretching in order to tie in the center. Be careful when you do that you can open if you ask us at the airport, passing the security check.

The vessels, pots or other supports must be transported well wrapped in the suitcase that goes in the cove in case of traveling by plane or in another suitcase in the case of traveling by train or car.

I hope my post is helpful and if you have questions can write me in the comments, I’ll help you delighted.

A huge hug



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