Today I bring you a FREE tutorial :sugar Snowdrop.
It’s a free video tutorial for all my followers. I hope you like it.

I thought it would be nice to have some fun together modeling sugar flowers, to enliven the quarantine a little.I would very much like to receive comments with photos of your works once you have modeled the bell.

List of materials and necessary tools:

– white rubber paste
-florist wire thickness 35 or 32 (the thinnest you can find)
-florist wire thickness 26 or 24 for the stem
-leaf green, yellow and white food dyes- powdered
– flat brush thickness 4 or 6
– Green florist ribbon
– small scissors
– foam to dry petals.

To model follow the video. If you have questions do not hesitate to write below this post, I will be answering you delightedly <3

A big hug for each and every one. Take good care of yourself!



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