Live tutorial on facebook
Daisy in sugar paste

Today I bring you a nice tutorial that I made live on facebook- this time a beautiful Daisy modeled in sugar paste. The live has taken place at the invitation of Argentinian Cakes  Decorators and Art in Sugar`s Civil Association , on its Facebook page.

For me it has been a great pleasure and honor to be able to participate in this beautiful initiative in which several renowned international artists participated, sharing their art to the delight of the Argentine community of sugar artists and their followers.

I decided to share this demonstration with all of you, so that my followers can also enjoy and learn with me. And why not, encourage you to take my classes online to keep learning and practicing.


Here’s a list of materials that are needed to model this beautiful and realistic Daisy in sugar paste:

  • gumpaste (sugar paste for flowers)
  • white florist wire thickness 35 or 32
  • white florist wire thickness 18
  • center mold and daisy petal- if they don’t have it they can model without molds too
  • white florist ribbon
  • food colorings powder colors light green ( lime), leaf green and egg yellow
  • foam to dry petals
  • fine roller (cellpin tool)
  • flat brushes thickness 4
  • pliers to cut the wire and fold it


I hope you liked the mini class and you will try modeling a sugar Daisy. I would love to see your work and advise you if you need it. See you online, at the Azúcar´arte Academy !

A sweet hug for everyone,



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