As every year on these dates our sugar florists community come together again to raise awareness for cancer and what this means, to support and bring some color and joy to the lives of everyone who needs it. Sugar florists and Cake decorators from all around the world together for a worthy cause.
It is the sixth year in a row that we have come together and support the World Cancer Day Organization ( ) dedicating our time and work to all who suffer or have suffered with this cruel disease, for all who have lost the great battle and have left behind sore families. For those who won and today have a new opportunity to enjoy life,for all who are still suffering, for the medical staff and for those who work incessantly in search of a cure and for caregivers..
We hope that our work will bring a little joy and open the eyes of those who need to understand what cancer is and they can make the difference also.

That said, we invite you to meet the artists who participated in this edition and enjoy watching their works.

#IamandIwill #worldcancerday #SFCBWorldcancerDayCollaboration2020

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