This week was closed with great news! Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine has published a three-page article about me and my solidarity collaboration “World Cancer Day Sugarflowers and cakes in Bloom “.

What happiness to see that more and more written media are involved in our cause! Reaching more and more people with our stories of overcoming, fighting and support is amazing!

Three pages in which in an interview I explain how the collaboration began, as the I devised and especially what is its purpose. There are also the works of a few participants in the collaboration and their respective descriptive phrases of their work.

You can buy the magazine in digital version on the following page:

And the following link is to buy the magazine on paper:

The collaboration has involved 60 artists and cake designers from around the world. Each one has prepared a unique, exclusive work for collaboration. Unfortunately the magazine could not offer space to publish all the works, so they have chosen what they liked most to publish. This is not to say that those who do not appear in the magazine were not as nice or good.. Quite the opposite: they are all extraordinary works, beautiful, fine and that contain a lot of feeling. Every artist who has participated has had his personal motives to be part of this beautiful collaboration. They have dedicated their work to their heroes, their friends or family who gave or give the great battle against cancer. Some have come out winners, others are no longer among us…

I hope you like and enjoy reading

A big sweet hug


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