Sweet Peas

  • white gum paste
  • white florist wire thickness 32, 30 and 18
  • green florist tape
  • Baby Pink and Green Grass Powder Colors
  • cellpin rolling pin
  • veiner petal sweet pea (sweet pea)
  • drying foam
  • cornstarch
  • flat brushes thickness 6 (two pieces)
  • flowering foam


modeling the buds and flowers´s centers
Cut the 30-thick wires into 4 equal parts. Make a hook at one end of each piece.
Dye with a little pink powder dye a piece of apricot-sized rubber paste.
Make small balls the size of the small finger nail- as many as flowers and buttons you want to have.
Teardrop the ball, insert the wire with the part of the hook inside by the sharp end of the paste. We flatten a little and form a kind of sharp crest on one side, as well as you can see in the following video.
Allow to dry punctured in the florist foam. repeat to have a minimum of 7 buds and about 10-12 flowers.
modeling the inner petals for flowers and open buds
With pink gum paste make as many fingernail size balls as open buttons and flowers we have.
Give tear shape to the ball, flatten, lengthen and widen as you will see in the next video. Model all the petals and leave them on the sponge until you finish modeling all the necessary petals.
Once finished modeling they will stick them on the buttons on the opposite side of the crest of each button, using a little water (moist it a little with the help of a brush).
Once glued the petals are left the buds punctured in the florist foam to dry.
modeling the outer petals for the flowers
Make as many gum paste balls as flowers you´ll need. Give the shape of a teardrop, flatten and with the help of the cellpin roller give the petal a heart shape. go through the veiner and leave on the foam. Model all petals then paste them on each flower using a brush moistened with water.
Let each pinched flower dry in the florist foam.
modeling the sepals
Dye with food coloring in green powder a little rubber paste (a piece the size of a hazelnut).
Take a small pinch of green rubber paste and with this cover the base of each button and each flower and rub between the fingers lower the paste on the wire tuning, approximately 1cm- 1.5cm.
With the small scissors make 2-3 fine cuts in the paste, just under the flower, emulating the sepals.
Repeat for each bud and flower.
painting the flowers and sepals
On a napkin of clean paper put some food coloring in baby pink powder.
With the help of a brush we paint all the buttons and flowers very carefully so as not to break the petals, always starting from the edge of each petal to the inside and in the case of the cocoons from the crest to the base.
Once all the buttons and painted flowers, put green dye on the paper napkin and paint with it all the stems and sepals of each cocoon and each flower.
assembling the flowers on the stem
With the help of the florist ribbon assemble a small sprig of sweet pea. Start by assembling the buttons and then assemble all on the wire 18 thickness. Keep coming down with the ribbon on the stem and assemble all the flowers. Cover the stem in full.
make and assemble the swirls
On wire 32 thickness and using florist ribbon model curls. Once ready they are mounted on the main stem, under the flower.


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